Our public relations practices include: media planning; collaboration with partners and sponsors; outreach and pitching; presence and representation, including motorsports trackside support; distribution; and contact management. 

BurnsGroup can not only deliver messages to audiences through the many methods at its disposal, but offers the coaching to enable a team or individual's continued and consistent delivery. 

Our strong relationships with the sports media are well-known as we strive to always stay at the forefront of media technology and up-to-date with the latest in social content marketing. 

Available short-term, for single events or long term commitment.


  • Content Creation
  • Traditional Media engagement
  • Social Media content management
  • Events/Speeches
  • Crisis communications
  • Executive/corporate messaging
  • Community relations
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Communications liaison
  • Brand Awareness and Exposure
  • Media planning
  • Collaboration with corporate and sponsor collaboration
  • Media outreach and pitching
  • Message Development
  • Video Scripting


BurnsGroup can craft communication plans and marketing campaigns for your brand, events and special projects. 

Whether you have a full program that needs planning and execution from start to finish or a small short-term project that needs an extra hand, our team will develop a plan to make your project or event a success while staying within your deadline and budget.

BurnsGroup has additional experience with crisis communications, executive messaging and community relations, in addition to other areas.

From concept through execution, BurnsGroup is detail-oriented with strong management skills to lead any program. Known to deliver and produce in a timely manner and within budget is a reputation our organization is proud to tout. 

BurnsGroup is equipped and versed to manage all aspects of an event, including budget, logistics, hospitality services and talent acquisition, among other practices.

With the expertise, enthusiasm and efficient implementation of the production process, we'll successfully monitor projects from conceptualization to implementation, all within a set budget and timeframe. We’re sure to make your next media launch or announcement stand out and influence.


Available short-term, for single events or long term commitment.


  • Assist to select appropriate vendors
  • Coordinate with corporate team and local vendors
  • Prepare presentations
  • Perform necessary advance research
  • Identify appropriate target audience for all processes
  • Manage expenses and negotiate pricing
  • Collaborate with project team
  • Implement activities within required timeframe
  • Design proposals and prepare budgets
  • Prepare project plans and timelines
  • Assist venue set up and logistics
  • Liaise with sponsors, VIPs, and guests for clients
  • Create desired programs and coordinate training
  • Maintain and manage volunteers and personnel
  • Prepare and distribute all event material
  • Prepare contracts