Our public relations practices include: media planning; collaboration with partners and sponsors; outreach and pitching; presence and representation, including motorsports trackside support; distribution; and contact management. 

BurnsGroup can not only deliver messages to audiences through the many methods at its disposal, but offers the coaching to enable a team or individual's continued and consistent delivery. 

Our strong relationships with the sports media are well-known as we strive to always stay at the forefront of media technology and up-to-date with the latest in social content marketing. 

Available short-term, for single events OR long term commitmenT OUR LIST OF SERVICES INCLUDE:

•    Content Creation
•    Traditional Media engagement
•    Social Media Platforms - Creating, Monitoring, Engagement, content management, reporting
•    Events/Speeches
•    Crisis communications
•    Executive/corporate messaging
•    Community relations
•    Content Development and Marketing
•    Communications liaison
•    Brand Awareness and Exposure
•    Social Media Engagement
•    Media planning
•    Collaboration with corporate and sponsor collaboration
•    Media outreach and pitching
•    Message Development
•    Video Scripting